Bounce -Hyper Casual

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About the Game:

Bounce the ball and collect the coins to increase points and reach to the next level!

The Bounce Hyper Casual is an idle puzzle game, and it will provide you sigh of relief and joy in your spare time. It’s the most exciting and exciting puzzle game as well as a beautiful time-killing app. The Bounce Hyper Causal is specially developed for kids and young children to experience the horrible world of the Bounce Ball. The game is full of suspense and joy; also it’s an addictive game, so can’t get rid of.

Its core features and graphics can excite you more, and you will never close the game until you reach your desire level. The aim of this game is quite simple; all you need to do is to collect the coins by Bounce Ball and go to the next level. Physics is involved in it, and you need to Bouncing the Ball while collecting coins. Everyone can learn this game quickly and become a master in a few days. Due to the involvement of physics, the game will test your angle precision and reflexes.

How to Play Bounce Hyper Casual?

• First of all, install the game and run it.
• Now, tap on the start button to play the game; an excellent interface will show with the Bounce Ball and stages.
• All you need to do is, bouncing the ball on the stages and collect the coins that are placed on the steps.
• Remember that, when you climb up on the upper stage, the lower set will vanish and the spikes will appear; you should bounce the ball and climb up on the upper steps without fell down the ball on the spikes.
• If the ball touches the spikes, the ball splits, and the game will be over.
• So, you need to save the ball from the lower spikes and climb up the ball on the upper stages.
• As you collect the coins, the point’s increases and you will get the next level.
• You can collect new coins and gain points every time you play or launch the game.
• The game can positively assist the children and gives the understanding of physics about how to balance the ball without crashing.
• It’s an extremely outstanding game and can be beneficial to release physical and mental stress.

Features of the Bounce Hyper Casual:

• The game has a simple interface and very easy to play.
• UI/UX powers it.
• The game provides you with straightforward controls and eye-catchy graphics.
• The game provides smooth tapping facility to bounce the ball quickly.
• You can collect coins as much as you can and reach a higher level.
• It’s easy to learn the game.
• After some time, it’s hard to master.
• It’s a competitive, attractive and straightforward gameplay.
• The game has endless levels, so you can play as long as you want.
• No time limit for bouncing the ball, you can freely jump without any hesitation.
• You can get one point on collecting the one coin.
• As much you collect the coins, the score will be higher.
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