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Learn basic Korean is the best Korean learning app for beginners to learn Korean easily and quickly.

This Korean learning app provides you the most commonly used Korean phrases, basic Korean words and sentences and their patterns through Korean conversations on various topics.(about 1500).
This is a mobile phrasebook for beginners. But that is not all.
We can help you to learn how to apply words to Korean sentence patterns.

This app provides a sentence and basic Korean words related to it at the same time.
For example, If you learned this sentence, "당근은 빼주세요(No carrots for me!)" in restaurant conversations, You can make another sentence like "양파는 빼주세요(No onions for me!)" so easily. In this case, related words with "Vegetables" are given. So You can learn basic Korean words and how to make basic Korean sentences.
The best way to learn Korean Language is not only to study words, but also to learn sentence patterns and try to apply words to them.

Of course, You can use it for free without an internet connection.
It is designed for visitors to south Korea and beginners who want to learn Korean language.Also, It is useful for the people who are interested in KPOP or Korean dramas.

This includes newly coined Korean words that are popular in Korean Drama or South Korea, informal phrases and sentences as well as daily phrases.

You can learn Korean Language with good quality of audio files recorded by native Koreans. So It's helpful to learn Korean pronunciations, accents,intonations and to speak like native Koreans.
Just Listen carefully, read and speak Korean!

Do you want to speak Korean like native Koreans?
Do you want to learn Korean language easily and quickly?
Do you want to learn basic Korean ?

It's not difficult to speak and learn Korean with this Korean Learning App.
If you want an easy start to learning Korean Language, don't forget this App.
If you have any difficulties and suggestions, please let me know!.

- Learn Korean language for free without a network connection(offline)
- includes informal conversations
- includes commonly used slang expressions and words
- Learn newly coined Korean words that are popular in South Korea or Korean drama
- Learn Korean verbs.
- Learn Korean Grammar
- Learn Korean words and phrases (about 1500)
- Learn Korean through daily conversations
- Learn Basic Korean
- Learn Korean sentence patterns.
- recorded by a native Korean speaker
- 11 main categories, each with subcategories
- short descriptions for each phrase and word
- Learn to speak Korean
- Learn Korean pronunciation

Main Categories
- Basic Korean(greeting, answer...)
- Coffee shop
- public transportation
- Restaurant
- Relationship
- Hotel/Car/Reserve
- Shopping
- Life
- Hospital
- etc
- words(Number, coined words)
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